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Established in December 2015 and located in Fenglingdu Economic Development Zone of Shanxi Province at at the junction of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan provinces, Shanxi Qianxiu Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company, which is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of APIs.

With the efforts our chairman, we have built a pharmaceutical company with complete facilities, including GMP standardized production plant, analysis and testing room, microbial limit room, standardized laboratory and related facilities; now, our main products are antibiotic APIs.

Our company attaches great importance to product development and reserves; before the establishment of the company, we set up a laboratory in February 2008 with South Korea, and cooperated with Shaanxi Normal University to build  "innovative drug research center". The Professor Xue Dong, Professor Yang Jun, Professor Huang Zhiyan of Research Center is the national high-end research personnel introduced from America Singapore ; now, this research center is mainly responsible for product development, talent pool, personnel training, and proceed to product development, trial production, process optimization, to make products standing in the forefront of the market, and occupy uncompetitive advantages in the market competition. Currently, our company has obtained 33 patents, including 15 patented inventions and 18 practical patents. At present, we own a technical team of more than 130 people, including 5 professors, 27 doctoral students, 15 graduate students, 58 undergraduates and 12 foreign staffs.

Once we begin the production, we yearly can produce 220 tons and sell about CNY 500 million of products, and then get CNY 230 million of profits and taxes; moreover, we will hire more than 310 locals as employees. Due to good economic and social benefits, our company will play a role of long-term promotion to local economic development.

Adhering to the development idea of "dig potentials, collect wisdom, change world with wisdom", focused on the development strategy of "Diversified development, strategic alliance, collective wisdom, common development", and insisting on the management idea of "equality, respect, trust, cooperation and sharing", we vigorously implement the talent strategy and technology strategy; as a people-oriented company, we aim for getting sustainable development.

Qianxiu Pharmaceutical is willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life to make our company a shining pearl of pharmaceutical industry.

Shanxi Qianxiu Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd.

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